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Elite Supporter Perks

Elite Supporter Perks
Shards Purchased Perk
1,000 White/Black glow option for username in chat, and extra shards on every future purchase.
2,000 Gold name color option for username in chat and custom title.
3,000 A custom release AoE that appears all around you when releasing in combat (first or second, choose one). Note: Default is second release. Also includes orange glow option for username in chat.
4,000 A custom meme for use in chat / PMs.
5,000 White name color option for chat and second custom meme.
6,000 Custom icon in chat (similar to seat icons).
7,000 Purple name/glow and gold glow color options for use in chat.
8,000 Ability to put Youtube videos in your journal.
9,000 Additional custom meme and option of your own personal squad/fraccion (sometimes called a "Ghost" squad).
10,000 Lsmjudoka's personal secret meme codes.
11,000 Teal and green name/glow for use in chat.
12,000 Red name/glow for use in chat.
13,000 Item named after player put into game (effects will be determined by staff).
Note: To activate a tier of Elite Supporter perks, please submit a support request.

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