These rules are meant to serve as guidelines for on-site behavior. These rules are handled on a case-by-case basis, interpretation and enforcement are at the discretion of the moderating staff. If you have any problems with a moderator's decision, submit a Support Request.

Last updated on July 6, 2017.

Offensive language:

Most explicit language can be used on WoB, due to it being automatically censored by WoB's language filter (users can freely opt to disable it in which case they will see the original words). Attempting to circumvent the language filter (e.g. by replacing a letter of an explicit word with a similar looking number/symbol) is not allowed. A couple exceptions not allowed are listed below.

Hate Speech
Despite most explicit language being allowed, severe statements of sexism/racism, particularly condoning or encouraging violence or treating people in a lesser manner due to their sex/race are NOT allowed.

Sexual References
Explicit/graphic description of sexual acts, or terms commonly used only for sexual acts are not permitted in any publicly visible areas, and may be considered harassment in private messages unless both users condone it.

Illegal Substances
Discussion of the usage or encouraging the usage of illegal substances is prohibited. Illegal substances can be discussed from a strictly non-use standpoint. Note: We operate in the USA and as Marijuana is not yet federally legal, it currently qualifies as an illegal substance under these rules and thus discussion of its use is not allowed.

Uncensored explicit language is not allowed in user pictures (avatars/custom battle icons/etc). Explicit language may be used in pictures in a user's journal if a clear warning of explicit language below is posted at least 1 desktop-size page above the first appearance of explicit language (About the height of the side menu on desktop, or about two full screens high in portrait mode on mobile)

Social & Public Areas

To maintain a positive experience for all users, the following guidelines have been made:

Manga Spoilers

As this is an anime/manga-themed game, it can be expected that most of the userbase follows various ongoing manga/anime series. Since many people for various reasons do not read the manga, but only watch the anime, posting spoilers of things that have not happened in the anime yet of a major ongoing series (Naruto, One Piece, etc) is not allowed as it can significantly lessen the experience of watching the show. Exception: As the Bleach anime series stopped before the final arc of the manga and has not resumed for over 1 year with no announcement, discussion of the Bleach manga is not considered spoilers.


Exploiting bugs/glitches, attempting to hack/crack the site or its data, or changing site code is strictly prohibited. Any attempts will be met with severe punishment.

There is Zero Tolerance for planning attacks against other games, or sites in general, anywhere on World of Bleach. Any discussion of these topics is strictly forbidden and will be met with punishment as severe as the situation dictates.


Intentionally leaking confidential race information such as invasion/boss plans or timers in mixed chat is considered harassment.

Harassing, trolling, or otherwise pestering a user is not allowed. Harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Trolling - including instigation, both of which are intended to get a desired negative reaction.
  • Offensive name calling.
  • Using derogatory terms referring to in-game races (Such as Saltygami/Hole) in Mixed chat. Usage of these terms in private race chats is currently allowed, but in mixed chat they generally only serve to provoke arguments.
  • Inbox spamming - sending nonsensical/Money Transfer System notifications in order to fill another's inbox.
  • Encouraging and/or leading other players to break the rules.
  • Battle Holding - Not attacking/not attempting to kill another player in a fight, but preventing them from fleeing (such as by moving in closer to them) is considered battle holding and harassment. Of note: If the other player has been given a chance to flee and did not attempt to flee, they will be considered to have shown no intent to flee, and moving in for the remainder of the fight will not constitute preventing a flee.


Inappropriate images/links are not allowed anywhere on this site. Content that is disallowed include, but is not limited to:

  • Content containing explicit (sexual) material.
  • Content containing offensive language.
  • Content containing racism/harassment of any kind.
  • Staff reserve the right to request removal of images from your journal that cause considerable lag.

Staff has the right to tell a user to remove avatars or material from a journal if they feel it's inappropriate. Refusal to remove the content may result in forced removal of the content and/or warnings/bans. Avatars that cause lag in-battle will be removed as discovered. Links to sites that contain moderate amounts language unsuitable for WoB is allowed provided a clear warning is made in the post - this DOES NOT extend to your profile song. Links to sites/songs that violate the language rules without the appropriate warnings, or links that violate any other site rules, are strictly prohibited.

Account Responsibility

  • Each user is allowed one account. If you are found in possession of multiple accounts, the newest accounts will be deleted until you are left with one (1) account. Warnings and bans may also be applied.
    • Administrators are allowed one normal account.
  • Account sharing is prohibited. Stat-cuts and/or other disciplinary action may be taken as deemed necessary by staff.
  • Use of bots, macros, or any other devices (hardware or software) that play the game for you are prohibited. Any accounts caught botting will receive a ban and stat cut.
    • The above rule regarding bots and macros extends to auto-refreshers that refresh the page for you, towards the purpose of account gains.

As the account owner, you are responsible for any actions made by your account. Therefore, actions made by your account will be treated as though you made them. Your sibling, cousin, pet, or other entity will not constitute a valid excuse to have disciplinary action undone.

Currency Transactions

Trading in-game yen/souls or Spirit Shards for real money/currency is not allowed. Spirit Shards must be purchased from the Buy Shards or Shard Exchange sections of Premium page. Spirit Shards can be traded for yen/souls through the Shard Exchange.

World of Bleach Staff

The World of Bleach staff must adhere to site rules at all times. If a staff member fails to adhere to site rules, it should be reported. In relevant situations, a support request should be submitted under the category "Report Staff Member".

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