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What is World of Bleach RPG?

World of Bleach is a text-based role playing game based on the anime/manga Bleach. You set off on a journey as a human and later face the decision of either becoming a Shinigami, Death Gods who rule the Soul Society; or you can choose to become a Hollow, souls who roam Hueco Mundo. Fight your way through the ranks and help your race establish its superiority. Socialize with your friends and spar them using a uniquely strategic combat system.

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Profile Personalization

You can personalize your profile by going to your settings tab. All of the following personalizations can be done through this page, plus some miscellaneous settings that effect how the game sends you notifications.


A user's journal allows for personalization of their publicly viewable profile. You can use it to describe your character, share memorable moments, share information about yourself, etc. BBcode can be used in your journal regardless if you have an aura or not. However, having an aura will allow you to display images in your journal as well as an increased character limit.


Each player has two avatars they can upload to their profile. The first is a normal avatar that displays on your profile and in battle when unreleased. The second is a released form avatar which appears only in PvP when you release your Zanpakuto/Resurreccion. The url you use in to link to your avatar must be a direct link on an external site.
Godly Aura users have access to a third image personalization in battles. It is now possible to upload a small icon (20x20) that will replace the blue/red dots on the minimap.

Profile Song

Your profile can be further personalized by adding a song to it. Much like avatars, your song must be hosted on an external website. You must use a direct link to the song - this direct link will end in .mp3, .wav or .ogg


The blacklist tool is a way for users to block people. Each user you place on your blacklist will not be able to send you a PM, but will still be visible in the social areas. An additional option will allow you to also make blacklisted users not appear to you in the social.

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Premium Benefits

Premium benefits are available for purchase with Spirit Shards, most transactions can be performed on the Premium page. You can obtain Spirit Shards, also known as shards, by purchasing them for 1USD each via PayPal, from other players with yen/souls on the exchange, or other users can freely send you their shards.

Character Changes

Some important profile changes can be done under this tab. You can change your username, reset your account to level1, switch squad/fraccions and change your specialization. Some of these options aren't available until later in the game and some get more expensive as you progress further in the game.


One of the most common benefits purchased with shards are known as auras. Auras give users that possess them additional benefits in-game. Among these benefits are larger avatars, longer journals, ability to have images in one's journal, different colored used names, and much, much more. You can find full details on auras on the premium page under the spirit auras tab.

Zanpakuto/Resurreccion Changes

Another commonly used feature are Zanpakuto/Resurreccion (commonly known as swords) changes. This tab will allow you to purchase a different sword of your choice for an varying amount, depending on the grade of sword you want. You can also reroll your boost percentages and rename your sword with this page.

Elite Donor Status

As you purchase shards through the PayPal system, the game will keep track of how many shards you have purchased. At certain points you unlock additional perks for supporting the game. The following table contains a list of known perks:

Elite Donors
Total Shards Purchased Perk
1,000 White/Black glow option for username in social.
2,000 Gold name color option for social and custom rank title.
3,000 A custom release AoE that appears all around you when you release either 1st or 2nd release (choose one).
4,000 A custom meme to use in social.
5,000 White name color option for social and second custom meme.
6,000 Custom icon in social (similar to seat items).
7,000 Purple name/glow colors and gold glow color options for social.
8,000 Ability to put Youtube videos in your journal.
9,000 This custom meme and option of your own personal squad/fraccion (sometimes referred to as a "Ghost" squad)
Note: To claim your Elite Donor perks, you must submit a Support Request.

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Activity Points

Activity points, or AP, play a key role in WoB. Activity Points are given for being active in the game, exactly as the name suggests. The base gain is one AP per minute, this can be supplemented with an aura (see Premium for more info), participating in PvP, or being in Kyoto City. Kyoto City produces one extra AP per minute. Note: Some areas of the game provide limited or no AP gain.

AP is used for a variety of in-game content. It can be used in sets of 10 to purchase yen/souls in varying amounts depending on your rank. It can also be used to purchase 10 Burst Training Points. Both of these swaps can be done on the profile page, located next to your avatar. AP can also be used, in varying amounts, to increase training yields on stats; AP must be consumed to train abilities outside of combat.

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Skills & Stats

  • Melee Skill - Affects melee offense and defense.
  • Spirit Skill - Affects spirit offense and defense.
  • Shunpo/Sonido Skill - Affects battle grid movement (also known as movement skill).
  • Reiryoku Skill - Affects ability range and increase spirit damage.
  • Zanpakuto/Resurreccion - Affects sword ability unlocks, release cost (also known as sword skill).
  • Strength - Affects melee ability damage output.
  • Endurance - Affects melee damage received.
  • Speed - Affects flee chance and who strikes first.
  • Intelligence - Affects spirit damage output.
  • Willpower - Affects spirit damage received.

Stat Caps

Stat Caps
Rank Skill Caps Reiryoku Generals
Human 2,000 (melee only) N/A 1,000
Student/Devouring Beast 3,000 N/A 1,500
Squad Member/Huge Hollow 10,000 5,000 5,000
Senior Sq. Mem./Gillian 30,000 15,000 15,000
Ranked Officer/Arrancar 100,000 50,000 50,000
Elite Officer/Fraccion 300,000 150,000 150,000
Veteran Shinigami/Privaron Espada 1,000,000 500,000 500,000
Legendary Shinigami/Hollow 3,000,000 1,500,000 1,500,000
  • The numbers listed are the base caps; meaning these vary based upon specialization
    • This also means the balanced specialization was used, as it is the median for stats
  • Abilities cap at level 100, regardless of rank
  • Skill Caps encompass Melee, Spirit, Shunpo/Sonido and Zan/Res skills
  • General Caps encompass Strength, Endurance, Speed, Intelligence and Willpower

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Requirements to Rank

Ranking up Requirements
Rank Level Cumulative AI Battles Cumulative PvP Battles
Human -> Student/Devouring Beast 5 0 0
Student/Devouring Beast -> Squad Member/Huge Hollow 15 40 0
Squad Member/Huge Hollow -> SSM/Gillian 25 80 0
Senior Squad Member/Gillian -> Ranked Officer/Arrancar 40 120 0
Ranked Officer/Arrancar -> Elite Officer/Fraccion 55 160 25
Elite Officer/Fraccion -> Veteran Shinigami/Privarion Espada 75 200 50
Veteran Shinigami/Privarion Espada -> Legendary Shinigami/Legendary Hollow 100 240 100
  • You will need 0Exp to next level on the listed rank to rank up.
    (I.e. level 5 0exp to level 6 to rank up to Student/DB)

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As you might have guessed, training stats and abilities are your key to success on World of Bleach. There are a few different options available to help you progress; from training skills and general stats, to training shop and sword abilities.

Normal/Extended Training

There are two main types of training on WoB; normal and extended. Normal training takes 10 minutes to complete, while active training takes 3 hours to complete (longer with some auras, see premium page for full details). It is recommended that you use 10-minute training while online and only 3-hour while away, because more stats can be achieved in 3 hours with normal training than one extended. Upon completion of either of these training sessions you are awarded with 20 Burst Training Points (BTP), that degrade at 1 per minute, regardless of being online or offline; burst training is explained later in the guide.

Active Training

Activity Points (AP) can be used to enhance your normal or extended trainings, as mentioned earlier in the guide. To enhance your normal training, it requires 5 AP, to train an ability 3 AP are consumed, and to enhance an extended training 10 AP are consumed. You can specify whether or not you want a training to consume AP by checking/unchecking the active training box before submitting your training. Completion of active trainings (excluding ability training) also produce 20 BP.

Burst Training

A burst training requires 50 Burst Training Points (BTP) to perform. This means that a minimum of 4 stat trainings need to be completed before one burst training can be started. A single burst train takes half the time of a normal training (5-minutes) and awards double the stats.

Ability Training

If you wish to grain experience in an ability, you have two options: use the ability in combat or initiate an ability training session. As this may have sounded, an ability training doesn't guarantee you a level it awards experience in your ability towards the next level(s). Training shop abilities requires 3 AP, 30-minutes and a varying amount of yen/souls depending on the level and rank of the ability. Training a Zanpakuto/Resurreccion ability takes 60-minutes and requires 20 BTP; this again produces experience towards the next level(s) of the ability and doesn't necessairly grant a level. Note: Completion of an ability training session does not grant BTP.

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Currencies of World of Bleach

Yen & Souls

Each race has its own base currnecy of yen and souls for Shinigami and Hollows, respectively. These currencies are used for a wide range of things such as purchasing items, abilities, heals and shards from fellow players. There are also profile functions that you may either gain yen or souls or spend them - both to either use AP (gains yen/souls) or Spend AP (costs yen/souls) After acheiving rank 4 you may also send your yen or souls to fellow players to help them out via your profile.

Spirit Shards

Spirit Shards are the premium currency of World of Bleach and can be purchased via PayPal for $1USD each, or other players if they're willing to sell them for yen/souls. Spirit Shards can be used in the premium shop to purchase Auras, different swords (beginning at level 41), rerolls and a host of other things. For full details on what all is available to spend Spirit shards (aka shards), visit the Premium Page.

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Shops of World of Bleach

Each race has their own form of currency - yen for Shinigami and souls for Hollow. These currencies are used for a wide range of things, such as training abilities or purchasing shards on the premium page, but what you'll likely be spending them on purchasing abilities and items.

Shinigami Shops

Armory The Armory is where you will purchase your necessities for battle. Depending on yoru rank, it will stock the abilities sorted by rank that you may purchase and give you full details on them (i.e. effects, range, power, etc.) as well as the price and amount of skill in the particular style of combat you need. In addition to the abilities tab, you may also move over to the items tab and if you're high enough rank some items will be available for you. These items usually give you spirit offense, spirit defense, melee offense and melee defense boosts. Medical Squad The medical squad will heal your health... for a cost. The cost of each healing depends on how much health you would like healed. There are three healings sizes available at an increase in cost as the amount of health goes up. The three sizes heal (roughtly) 25%, 50% and 100%; for small, medium and large healings respectively.

Hollow Shops

Evolutions The Evolution Shop is where you will purchase your necessities for battle. Depending on yoru rank, it will stock the abilities sorted by rank that you may purchase and give you full details on them (i.e. effects, range, power, etc.) as well as the price and amount of skill in the particular style of combat you need. In addition to the abilities tab, you may also move over to the items tab and if you're high enough rank some items will be available for you. These items usually give you spirit offense, spirit defense, melee offense and melee defense boosts. Regen The regen tab will regnerate health with the souls of the fallen you have obtained. The cost of each healing depends on how much health you would like healed. There are three healings sizes available at an increase in cost as the amount of health goes up. The three sizes heal (roughtly) 25%, 50% and 100%; for small, medium and large healings respectively.

Kyoto City Shop

The Mystic Shop is available to both races. This shop is special in the fact that it doesn't sell 'normal' features to the game. Instead it sells limited time options that effect you in Kyoto City. These thigns can be regneration boost, increased scan range. After these effects expire, you must purchase them once again from the shop. The healing shop in Kyoto City has the same function as the Regen or Medical Squad for either race.

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Sword Info

Beginning at rank five (level 41), both Shinigami and Hollows gain access to their sowrds (i.e. Zanpakuto/Resurreccion). There are two options that you may choose from, the first (which is done automatically) is a "shop" sword, at which the rank is rolled at random but will always match your specialization; in addition to this, you may go to the premium page and purchase a specific sword for shards - the higher the rank, the more Spirit Shards it costs - again the swords that appear in the premium page to you match your specialization. The second option is to purchase your very own custom sword that nobody else can use, at a fee of 200 Spirit Shards.

The premium page also gives you access to reroll your base percentages of your sword; after rank seven (level 75) you may also reroll your second release percentages or both. Either of these actions cost a varying amount of Spirit Shards, depending on which roll you select.

Types of Swords

Costs 80 Spirit Shards to purchase, three core boosts, three abilities. Costs 65 Spirit Shards to purchase, three core boosts, three abilities. Cost 50 Spirit Shards to purchase, two core boosts, two abilities. Cost 35 Spirit Shards to purchse, two core boosts, two abilities. Cost 20 Spirit Shards to purchase, one core boost, two abilities.

Base Roll Information

Boost roll ranges: 10-11% 8-10% 9-13% 7-10% 10-18% Boost roll modifiers: (Boosts not listed here are 1.0x) 0.9x 0.9x 1.0x 1.2x 2x (Move Augments: 2 turn duration) 0.7x 0.6x 0.8x 0.6x Movement boost, range boost: >1 square first release >2-3 squares second release Width boost: >1 square first release >2 squares second release Teleport: >3 squares first release >6 squares second release

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AI Battles & PvP

Both PvP and AI battles now share the grid battle system - PvP battles containing a larger grid to use battle techniques. At the top of the battle field you can see your movement range as well as the pool cost to move, to move simply click on adjacent squares within your movement range. When aiming your ability, you can now see where it will land, thus making it easier to tell if your strike will land on your opponent or not. A major thing to keep in mind is that Spirit users have longer range and less movement; while Melee users have significant movement but less range. So plan your tactics accordingly. AI battles occur in the Arena for Shiniagmi and the Desert for Hollows, the best way to figure out how basic PvP will work is to visit these areas.

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Submissions & Validations!

Did you find some inaccurate information or maybe some general information that is missing? Head on over to the Support section of the site and let us know! Inaccurate information will be corrected, and missing important information will be added.

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Missing Manual Contents

  • Specializations
  • Patrol/Feed
  • Squad/Frac Seat Systems
  • Invasion System
  • Bosses
    • Legendary Vaizard
    • Defender Bosses
    • Race Bosses
  • Kyoto Underground Arena

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