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What is World of Bleach? Account and Character Account

  • Shards and total shards purchased are stored on account and shared with all accounts.
  • Chat-based donor perks are stored and shared with all characters (i.e. gold username, custom rank, etc.).
  • Godly Aura is stored on your account and shared with all characters. (!IMPORTANT This will override any lesser aura and not refund any shards.)


  • Holds all stats and non-premium currency. (!IMPORTNAT custom change tokens are locked to account.)
  • Each character holds a different Zanpakuto/Resurreccion.
  • All characters are restricted to the same race. If you wish to change race without use of Spirit Shards, you need to delete all characters and start anew.

Currnecies of WoB
  • Yen/Souls
    • Character based currency used for purchasing abilities, items, heals, etc.
    • Can be sent to other members of the site through your profile beginning at Rank 4 (Senior Squad Member / Gillian) via profile
    • Yen is the Shinigami currency, souls are the Hollow currnecy
  • Custom Change Tokens
    • Character baed currency used for making changes to your Custom Zanpakuto/Resurreccion
    • Custom change tokens are locked to the character that receieves them and cannot be transferred between characters
    • Currently custom change tokens are only gained when purchasing a new Custom Zanpakuto/Resurreccion
  • Spirit Shards - Premium Currency
    • Purchased through the premium page for $1USD each via PayPal, or from other memebers on the Shard Exchange for varying amounts
    • Account based currency used for purchasing premium upgrades such as custom Zanpakuto/Resurreccion, name changes and auras
    • Pool shared between all your characters
    • Transferrable to other members of the community beginning at Rank 4 (Senior Squad Member / Gillian) via profile
    • Can be sold on the Shard Exchange accessed through premium page to other members for Yen/Souls

Premium Benefits Character Changes

Some important profile changes can be done under this tab. You can change your username, reset your account to level1, switch squad/fraccions and change your specialization. Some of these options aren't available until later in the game and some get more expensive as you progress further in the game.


One of the most common benefits purchased with shards are known as auras. Auras give users that possess them additional benefits in-game. Among these benefits are larger avatars, longer journals, ability to have images in one's journal, different colored used names, and much, much more. You can find full details on auras on the premium page under the spirit auras tab.

Zanpakuto/Resurreccions Changes

Another commonly used feature are Zanpakuto/Resurreccion (commonly known as swords) changes. This tab will allow you to purchase a different sword of your choice for an varying amount, depending on the grade of sword you want. You can also reroll your boost percentages and rename your sword with this page.

Elite Donor Perks

As you purchase shards through the PayPal system, the game will keep track of how many shards you have purchased. At certain points you unlock additional perks for supporting the game. The following table contains a list of known perks:

Elite Donor Perks
Shards Purchased Perk
1,000 White/Black glow option for username in chat.
2,000 Gold name color option for username in chat and custom title.
3,000 A custom release AoE that appears all around you when releasing in combat (first or second, choose one). Note: Default is second release.
4,000 A custom meme for use in chat / PMs.
5,000 White name color option for chat and second custom meme.
6,000 Custom icon in chat (similar to seat icons).
7,000 Purple name/glow and gold glow color options for use in chat.
8,000 Ability to put Youtube videos in your journal.
9,000 Additional custom meme and option of your own personal squad/fraccion (sometimes called a "Ghost" squad).
10,000 Lsmjudoka's personal secret meme codes.
11,000 Teal and green name/glow for use in chat.
12,000 Red name/glow for use in chat.
13,000 Item named after player put into game (effects will be determined by staff).
Note: To claim your donor perks, please submit a support request.
Requirements to Rank
Ranking up Requirements
Rank Level Cumulative AI Battles Cumulative PvP Battles
Human -> Student/Devouring Beast 5 0 0
Student/Devouring Beast -> Squad Member/Huge Hollow 15 40 0
Squad Member/Huge Hollow -> SSM/Gillian 25 80 0
Senior Squad Member/Gillian -> Ranked Officer/Arrancar 40 120 0
Ranked Officer/Arrancar -> Elite Officer/Fraccion 55 160 10
Elite Officer/Fraccion -> Veteran Shinigami/Proximo Espada 75 200 50
Veteran Shinigami/Proximo Espada -> Legendary Shinigami/Vasto Lorde 100 240 100
  • You will need 0Exp to next level on the listed rank to rank up.
    (I.e. level 5 0exp to level 6 to rank up to Student/DB)
Stat Caps
Spirit Cap:
Melee Cap:
Sword Cap:
Movement Cap:
Reiryoku Cap:
Strength Cap:
Intelligence Cap:
Speed Cap:
Willpower Cap:
Endurance Cap:
Select Rank and Specilizaiton
Note: Specilizations are only available beginning at Squad Member / Huge Hollow.
Select Rank and Release State

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