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What is World of Bleach RPG?

World of Bleach is a text-based role playing game based on the anime/manga Bleach. You set off on a journey as a human and later face the decision of either becoming a Shinigami, Death Gods who rule the Soul Society or you can choose to become a Hollow, souls who roam Hueco Mundo. fight your way through the ranks and help your race establish its superiority. Socialize with your fiends and spar them using a uniquely strategic combat system.

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Training is the easiest way to gain experience and level up. It is the only way to train melee and spirit skill. The four types of training are Normal Training, Active Training, Burst Training and Ability Training.

Normal and Active training have two different time durations that reward different stats and exp - normal training requires nothing while Active training requires the user to have 10 AP. Your normal training period requires 10 minutes while the extended training require 3 hours. It is common practice to use 10 minute training when you're online and three hour training when you're going to be away. This is because 10 minute training give out a higher average gain in three hours than a single thee hour training. Each Normal and Active training awards 20 Burst Points when completed. Burst Points degrade at a rate of one per minute regardless of being online or offline.

Burst Training requires 50 Burst Points, takes 5 minutes and gives high stat gains.

Ability training requires 3AP and yen/souls and takes 30 minutes to gain ability exp. Zanpakuto/Ressureccion ability training requires 20 Burst Points, 3AP and yen souls and takes 1 hour to complete.

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WoB's unique PvP system teaches you to be strategic and wise when in battle with another player. The battlefield is a 13 x 11 grid. You can move by clicking on squares withing your movement range - movement range is determined by the speed and high speed movement skills.

Each ability in WoB has a specific range and sometimes and effect. The range and effect can be found by looking at it in the shop, or your equip menu, by clicking on the name. The range is used in PvP battles to determine how far it can reach.

You can attempt to flee a PvP if you are at the edge of the PvP map. The chances of fleeing are determined by your speed and your opponent's speed stat - therefore, the closer they are, the less of a chance you have to flee.

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Stat Caps

The following is a list of stat caps based on user rank. Please note that the following are just the base stat caps. This means that, depending on your specialization, the actual caps you get may very slightly.

Stat Caps
Rank Melee/Spirit Skill Generals Abilities
Human 2,000 (Melee only) 1,000 N/A
Student/Devouring Beasts 3,000 1,500 100
Squad Member / Huge Hollow 10,000 5,000 100
Senior Squad Member / Gillian 30,000 15,000 100
Ranked Officer / Arrancar 100,000 50,000 100
Elite Officer / Elite Fraccion 300,000 150,000 100
Veteran Shinigami / Privarion Espada 1,000,000 500,000 100
Legendary Shinigami / Legendary Espada 3,000,000 1,500,000 100

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Requirements to Rank

In the list below, the provided information is what it takes to level up from the listed rank. Therefore, if it says Human's need to be level 5, that's the requirement to rank up from Human to Student/Devouring Beast.

Requirements to Rank
Rank Level AI Battles Won PvP Battles (total)
Human 5 N/A N/A
Student/Devouring Beasts 15 100 N/A
Squad Member / Huge Hollow 25 200 N/A
Senior Squad Member / Gillian 40 300 N/A
Ranked Officer / Arrancar 55 400 30
Elite Officer / Elite Fraccion 75 500 60
Veteran Shinigami / Privarion Espada 100 600 100

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At level 16 your second major decision in the game, being which specialization you wish to have. If you are unsure if you want to be Melee or Spirit, it is best to pick a balanced option. Here are your options:

  • Aggressive Melee/Spirit - Increased Spirit or Melee offensive strength.
  • Balanced Melee/Spirit - Balanced Spirit/Melee offisneive strength.
  • Defensive Melee/Spirit - Increased Spirit or Melee defensive strenght.
  • Balanced Aggressive - Balanced Spirit/Melee offensive strength.
  • Balanced Defenseive - Balanced Spirit/Melee defesnive strength.
  • Balanced Balanced - Balanced in Spirit/Melee offensive and defensive strength.

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Zanpakuto / Resurreccion Information

At level 41 for both races you will gain your sword; Zanpakuto for Shinigami and Resurreccion for Hollows. You will gain your sword as a random roll as soon as you rank up. If you do not like what you roll there is the option to reroll in the premium page or you can purchase a custom sword.

To view the specific information for your sword you will need to go to your profile. Shinigami will be able to view their full Zanpakuto information in their Inner World while hollows will view their full information in their Soul Chamber.

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Activity Points

Activity Points, or AP, play a key role in WoB. Activity Points are given, as the name sounds, for being active in the game. The base gain is one AP per active minute, this can be supplemented with an aura (more information on this available in the premium section of the manual), being in Kyoto City or participating in PvP. Being in Kyoto City produces 2 AP per active minute as well as AP being awarded for completing PvPs.

Activity Points can be gained by doing a multitude of in-game content. The most popular of these are talking in social, fighting in PvPs and much more. Note: Some areas of the game give limited or no AP for their use.

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Armory / Evolution

As a Shinigami the Armory (likewise the Evolution for Hollows) is the center for gaining new abilities and items. As you progress in the game you will use your yen/souls to purchase upgraded abilities and items that each have different strengths and effects. To find out the details on an ability, just click the name your respective race's shop (or in your equip section if you've purchased it) and you will gain detailed information about the ability. The items do not let you see their details until you've purchased the item.

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Medical Store / Regeneration

The Medical Store/Regeneration acts like a hospital. When you want to refill a portion of your health, you can spend your yen/souls to do so. The amount of health you heal is half the amount of yen/souls you spend. There are three different levels of healing, each healing a larger portion of health.

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Patrol / Feed

Patroling for Shinigami, and Feeding for Hollows, is a great way to increase your general stats. Patorling/Feeding will require pools (dependent on rank & specialization) which will result in gaining yen/souls and general stats (speed, endurance, strength, intelligence, willpower). Each time you do a Patrol/Feed there is a chance to get a lucky or uber lucky which provides higher gains.

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The travel function becomes available to players starting at Squand Member/Huge Hollow. Traveling is used to manuever around Kyoto City, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. To travel to Kyoto City, Shinigami must be on 15.15 in Soul Society and Hollows must be on square 0.15 in Hueco Mundo. To travel around the map, simply click on a square directly touching your dot on the map.

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Arena / Desert

The Arena and Desert, used by Shinigami and Hollow repsectively, are used to fight AI. There are three levels of diffculty (Easy, Normal and Hard) that you may choose from. Fighting in the Arena or Desert gives general stat gains, yen/souls and allows you to gain experience in your abilities.

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Support Requests

Support Requests are a direct link between users and the administrators of World of Bleach. Support requests range from game questions and reporting bugs, to reporting staff members and appealing bans. Essientially, anything that you require or want an admin response can be done through the support system.

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Premium Store

The preimum shop offers a wide range of in-game content in exchange for shards. Shards can be purchased with yen/soul from other players (via transfer or the shard market) or purchased with real life money. Premium options include name changes, account reset, change of specialization, squad transfer, sword rerolls which later becomes a second release reroll at rank 7+, renaming your sword and auras. Full details of premium benefits can be found on the premium page.

Elite Donor Status

There are certain milestones than can be made through purchasing shards with real life money. These milestones result in donor perks being issued currently at every 1,000 shards (including bonus shards) purchased - these perks are known as Elite Donor status. The following is a list of the current Elite Donor perks:

Elite Donors
Total Shards Purchased Perk
1,000 Glow around username in social.
2,000 Gold colored name in social and custom rank title.
3,000 A custom release in PvP (applies to custom swords only.
4,000 A custom meme to use in social.
5,000 Custom white colored name in social.
Note: To claim your Elite Donor perks, you must submit a Support Request.

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Profile Personalization

You can personalize your profile by going to your settings (located on your profile). Your journal, avatar and profile song allow you to personalize your profile while the marriage and blacklist are interpersonal content.


A user's journal allows for personalization of their profile. You can use it to describe your character, share memoriable moments, share information about yourself, etc. BBcode can be used in your journal regardless of having an aura or not, however having auras will allow you to have images in your journal as well as increased size.


Each player has two avatars they can upload to their profile. The first is a normal avatar that displays on your profile and in battle when unreleased. The second is a released form avatar which appears only in PvP when you release your Zanpakuto/Resurreccion. The url you use in to link to your avatar must be a direct link on an external site.

Profile Song

Your profile can be further personalized by adding a song to it. To link a song to your profile you must have a direct link to the song in the format of a .mp3, .wav or .ogg file type.


Marriage is permitted to Godly and Strong aura users (only proposing player needs aura), it allows for boosts between the cooperating players and can be done through the "marriage" tab on a player with the appropriate aura. The boosts are +5% shared AI and Patrol money and +10% regeneration when on the same square. This content is meant to develop team work and will last even if one or both users lose their Godly Aura.


Blacklisting is found in the settings of your profile and allows you to block PMs from users on your blacklist. There is an alternate setting that allows you to block social posts from users on your blacklist as well. You cannot blacklist staff, just as staff cannot blacklist players. If you have an issue with a staff member, follow the chain of command letting them know about the issue - you can also report the content.

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World of Bleach's referral system rewards players for recruiting new players to the game. When pepole sign up via your referral link (found in the bonus section) you gain currency. Every user you refer that reaches level six you will earn 200,000 yen/souls and they will gain 50,000 yen/souls. Every 10 users you refer that reach level 16 earns you 4 Spirit Shards. Abusing this system will result in disiplinary action.


When you vote for World of Bleach on the linked sites you will earn yen/souls for each vote you make. The amount of yen/souls you earn for each vote is dependant on your rank.

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Yen / Souls

The three types of currency in the game are Yen, Souls and Spirit Shards. Spirit Shards allow the purchasing of premium items and services and are bought with real life money; some users will trade their shards for yen/souls in the average price range of 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 each.

Yen is specific to the Shinigami race and souls are specific to the Hollow race. These currencies are used for a variety of ways in game. A majority of your yen/souls will be spent on purchasing abilities and items, as well as training abilities. While yen/souls are specific to a race, they are freely transferrable between both races.

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Seat System

Squad/Fraccion Seat System

Each Squad/Fraccion has three seats that can be claimed by their members if they are the proper rank. To keep these seats Office Points are deducted randomly once per day; Office Points are gained by doing patrols under your seat's controls. If you do not have at least one more OP than is needed to keep your seat at deduction, you will lose it.

Third Seat/Head Fraccion

  • Must be at least Senior Squad member/Gillian
  • Requires 5 OP per day
  • Gives +1 scan range

Lieutenant/Fraccion Commander

  • Must be at least Ranked Officer/Arrancar
  • Requires 5 OP per day
  • Gives +2 scan range
  • Can purchase Lt/FC seat item


  • Must be at least Veteran Shinigami/Privarion Espada
  • Requires 8 OP per day
  • Gives +3 scan range
  • Can purchase Captain/Espada seat item

Squad/Fraccion Boosts

A Squad/Fraccion is able to purchase a boost that applies to their members only. If an Captain/Espada isn't present, the Lieutenant/Fraccion Commander may purchase a boost. The boosts are purchased with Squad/Fraccion Points, which are gained from doing Officer Patrols as well as winning PvPs. There are two sizes of boosts, a small boosts costs 500 Squad/Fraccion Points while a large boost costs 750 Squad/Fraccion Points. The following is a list of boosts that can be purchased for a Squad/Fraccion:

  • Melee Skill training boost
  • Spirit Skill training boost
  • Regen Boost
  • Reduced AP training cost
  • Patrol stat gain boost
  • Patrol money gain boost
  • AI stat gain boost
  • AI money gain boost

Race Seat System

Once you have reached Legendary Shinigami/Espada you can hold the Commander-Captain or King of Hueco Mundo seat as a Shinigami or Hollow, respectvely. This seat acts as the head of a race and can purchase a boost for their whole race. A race boost costs 1,000 for a small boost and 3,000 for a large boost. The following are the boosts available for each race:

  • Scout Range
  • Base Health
  • Base Regen
  • Squad Boost Increase
  • Invasion Duration

Seat Items

Seat items give boosts in battle, a symbol in the social as well as increased perks in the office itself. As you go up the seat system, the office item gets more expensive but also gives better boosts

Lieutenant/Fraccion Commander

  • Costs 25,000,000 yen/souls
  • 1% healing
  • 1% Spirit Energy Regen
  • 1% Stamina Regen
  • 5% Melee & Spirit Resistance
  • +5 max OP


  • Costs 50,000,000 yen/souls
  • 1% healing
  • 1% Spirit Energy Regen
  • 1% Stamina Regen
  • 10% Melee & Spirit Boost
  • 10% Melee & Spirit Resistance
  • +5 max OP

Commander-Captain/King of Hueco Mundo

  • Costs 75,000,000 yen/souls
  • 1.5% healing
  • 1.5% Spirit Energy Regen
  • 1.5% Stamina Regen
  • 15% Melee & Spirit Boost
  • 15% Melee & Spirit Resistance
  • +10 max OP

Officer Patrols

To do your Officer Patrols, you will need to lead a patrol through your seat controls. After starting your patrol you will be brought to a screen that looks much like the PvP battle grid. When your timer runs out, click refresh and scan; if a symbol appears on your screen select and dispatch the proper units and upon success you will be awarded with Office Points

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Invasion System


Both Hollows and Shinigami have a base in Kyoto City that they are to protect by attacking the members of the other race who are inside their base area (9 squares: red for Hollow, blue for Shinigami). It can be attacked by moving to the base area, and choosing to start attacking it. Each attack lasts for one minute, and can be interrupted by either moving or being engaged in combat. The damage dealt to the base is dependant on the rank of the player executing the attack. PvP restrictions apply.

The bases in Kyoto regenerate passively over time. There are two boosts that race leaders can purchase to aid this. The first type is the base regeneration speed which increases the rate at which the base passively heals. The other is the base health boost, which gives your race's base higher health.


Once a base's HP reaches zero, the realm can be invaded (Hollows can go to Soul Society and Shinigami can go to Hueco Mundo). To travel there the player most go to 0.0 to invade Soul Society, or to 15.15 to invade Hueco Mundo - these coordinates are in Kyoto City. During invasion PvP restrictions are lifted and any rank can attack each other (excluding Humans, Students and Devouring Beasts). Currently players below rank 5 (Ranked Officer/Arrancar) cannot invade. Each invasion lasts for fifteen minutes - upon reaching the time limit, the bases are regenerated. Note: The race being invaded cannot travel to Kyoto City.

Defending Boss

Defending boss is an AI character that spawns each time an invasion takes place. Each boss spawns just inside your opponent's home world and can be attacked. If the defender boss is defeated by the invading race, everyone that participated in the attack will gain reward(s) based on the percent of damage they dealt.

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Legendary Vaizard

Also known as the Kyoto City Boss, this boss AI spawns randomly every few hours (talk with members of your race to keep an eye out for it). No PvP is allowed on the boss square, no need to worry about that once you're there; you can, however, be attacked enroute. To the race that deals the highest amount of damage: a race-wide training boost is applied. Both races, depending on percent damage dealth, receive race points.

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Kyoto Underground Arena

The Kyoto Underground Arena, commonly referred to as the KUA, is similar to an Arena/Desert fight. The KUA will spawn randomly once every hour somewhere in Kyoto City, and will remain for five minutes. When you enter the KUA you will be able to fight an NPC on the grid-battle system (much like the Legendary Vaizard). Successfully defeating the NPC will provide dramatically increased gains compared to the Desert/Arena. Please note that there is a 75 second requirement between each battle (i.e. if you complete a battle in 50 seconds, you'll have to wait 25 more before you may reenter the arena).

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This guide is only a general game guide. If you still have questions, feel free to ask any staff member or users in the social. There is alos plent of miscelanous information located on the forum's FAQs.

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