Update 2.0.9

Update 2.0.9 contains many of the smaller changes from Update 2.1.0, which will be released after the tournament. I got these changes coded early, so I decided to release them in a patch rather than wait for 2.1.0. -Seat items now give 75% refund when resigning and 25% refund when losing the seat to an accepted challenge -Stat gains in the Arena/Desert have been slightly reduced, but your first 50 fights per day now give 2x gains -Activity Points can now be converted to Burst Train Points on the Profile page -PvP fights(not spars) now give 2x stat gains and have a better chance of giving officers OP -Officer patrols now have a slightly higher chance of an enemy spawning -Officer patrols now have a chance to get 2x gains on a successful patrol -Fixed a bug where range/width boost or nerf effects were not stacking -Range and width nerf have been changed to apply to both offenses instead of only their move type -Width boost effect per square has been doubled (Example: 1 square width boost = Takes moves from 3.1 to 3.1) -Randomness of money gains from Arena/Desert fights has been reduced. (Average money gain is the same) -Capped moves no longer show up on the training menu -Lsmjudoka


Some incremental updates are being hotpatched into game over the next few days. I'll include a list here. Also don't forget about the December Desolation tournament sign-up, details are in the 11/15/14 post below. -Regen display on profile has been updated -Arena/Desert and Medical Squad/Regen interface has been changed from radio buttons to one-click buttons, and healthbar display has been added -Gains from Easy AI have been increased -AP costs on 10 min trainings have been reduced -AP costs on 10 min and 3 hour trainings for Students/Devouring Beasts have been further reduced -AP gains on some auras have been reduced -Effects of the reduced active training cost squad/fraccion boost have been increased -Tutorial has been added for new players -AI battles now proceed straight from opponent level choice to combat with no "Head to battle" screen -Stat gains from sparring have been increased by 400% -Lsmjudoka


December Desolation Official rules and guidelines: [Link] Participants will be able to challenge each other any time of day, without having a match scheduled. This will be dependent upon a staff member being available to run your match. The tournament will be on a mixed-only basis. This will potentially provide enough participants for each rank. If you previously registered to be in a race-specific tournament, you can register again with the link below. NOTE: If you already registered for the mixed tournament, you will not have to register again. When you are registered, do not rank up it will result in DQ. The top finisher of the non-winning race in each division will receive a prize. You can register for the tournament here: [Link] Registration closes Nov 27, 2014. -Hitori


Update 2.0.5 -Fixed a bug where Area Residual Poison was not applying both types of offense nerf -Changed Area Residual Poison and Ice so they apply their Dual Offense Nerf and Bind effects on the turn they are used instead of the turn after -New Area Residual type has been added: Lightning. Lightning AoE does damage and has a dual weakness effect. -Clicking on an item/evolution in the shop will now bring up a page with details about the item -Moving towards an opponent now increases movement cost approximately 50% less -View current battles/view battle pages now display your selected layout -Added Officer Social for all officers in a given race (Note: For now this is located as an option in the regular social. Future upgrades to turn this into an "Officer's Lounge" with other features are planned) -Survival battle stat gains have been increased by approx. 70% -Survival battle money gains when you do not successfully complete all rounds have been increased. -Elite and super-elite donor perks (glow, custom title, gold color, etc) now carry over during username changes -Super-elite donors can now select whether or not their custom title overrides their seat title, as well as turn their gold color option on/off even when they don't have an aura -Lsmjudoka


Rules Update The game rules have been modified. Some areas have received an update while others have been completely reworked. Please be sure that you review them and make any necessary adjustments to your gameplay & profile. If you have any questions about the new rules, please feel free to contact me or any other staff member.



I'm all moved into my new place and got internet set up, finally. I have some balancing work to do on SC, as soon as that's done I'll be making the 2.0.5 update for WoB. What will be in it? For sure some bug fixes and tweaks, in addition I'm going to be collecting opinions on what you guys would most like to see in WoB right now, because there's a lot of things I could add but obviously I don't have the time to add all of them, so I'll see which things you guys want the most and get a couple of those in.