World of Bleach is a browser-based RPG inspired by Bleach. You start as a human, but are soon forced to choose between the two defining races: Shinigami and Hollow. With each rank you progress to, you unlock more features and abilities to participate in the never-ending war for control of Kyoto City, including powerful Zanpakuto and Resurreccions.

WoB features a unique grid-based combat system, Captain/Espada seats that allow you to lead an entire squad of players, and eventually the ability to challenge for the positions Commander-Captain of the Shinigami, or King of Hueco Mundo: The supreme leaders of their entire race.
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UPDATE 2.5.4

PSA: THIS UPDATE INCLUDES INTERFACE CHANGES. PLEASE CLEAR YOUR CACHE (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL > SELECT OPTIONS RELATING TO "CACHED IMAGES AND FILES" AND CLEAR) TO GET THE UPDATED FILES This update is focused on bug fixes and smaller tweaks, so it doesn't have many fancy new headline features. Layout settings, a new AP/Money/BTP swap interface, and changed flee mechanics are probably the biggest new things on this update. But there are a lot of little changes which should make life on WoB smoother. BALANCE -The effect on lightning/poison AoE has been increased from 15-30% -> 20-40%. Most AoE have received 5% increase in effect with no reduction in base power. (Most shop AoEs have not been changed, this largely applies to sword abilites) -The effect of heal reduction moves has been increased from 30% -> 35% with no reduction in base power -Residual and Compound Residual moves on Zan/Res have been manually audited to ensure all have the proper cooldown: 3 turns min. for residual abilities, 4 turns min. for compound residual -Compound Residual abilities in the shop have also been increased to 4 turns BATTLE -Ability use use in combat now gives 20% more exp -Ability training has been adjusted to maintain roughly the same exp gain as before (TL;DR it doesn't give 20% more exp, that only works on using abilities in combat) -Base flee chance in combat has been lowered -Flee penalties have been changed from 50% -> 25% max ST/SE and 5 minutes 2 minutes recovery time -The maximum increase to your flee chance for having more speed than your opponent has been increased from 75% more speed to 85% more speed (85% more speed = 1.85x flee chance) -Fixed a bug where residual damage ticks/reflected damage landing the finishing blow would show the previous's turns combat text in addition to the reflect/residual -Fixed a bug where the system message in battle would after another action had been taken -Fixed a bug where moving and then waiting/sealing/releasing could cause the wait/seal/release to be processed as a double tick (e.g. causing AoEs/effects to be double procced, cooldowns to come off 1/4 turn earlier, etc) -The start-of-battle dual resist has been lengthened from 0.5 turns to 1.5 turns. -Fixed an issue where some effect amounts such as 3.96% were rounding up to 4.0 on battle tooltips, incorrectly reflecting the actual mechanics for effects such as bind -Fixed a bug where you were unable to move right next to your opponent after being knocked back -A secondary check to help lessen occurences of users getting into two battles at the same time has been added. This will show the message "You or your target are in battle!" when attempting to attack someone. INTERFACE -Travel page will no longer continue to mark you as online, process pool regen, or add AP every minute if you do not refresh the page. Search area list will prompt you to refresh the page when you have been inactive for 2 minutes. (Note: I debated on this change and which way to have it, but the benefits of having the page process your regen and AP are somewhat lower than having it inadvertantly keep you marked online when no other pages on WoB do, leaving you vulnerable to seat challenges, being attacked, etc. At some point in the future I may make more pages keep you online and process your regen/AP dynamically, but having one odd page out doing this leads to unexpected results that are best avoided) -AP/Money/BTP swap interface has been redone. New interface now has selectable buttons for each one and a switching display to show the cost for each one, plus a single exchange button which will run the selected exchange. The option to swap money for BTP has been added, at the same cost as purchasing enough AP to get 10 BTP. -Added settings for selecting what devices (mobile/tablet) you want to use the mobile layout on -Fixed a bug where users would not show as in battle on the search area list while you were in barracks -Seat items will now display alongside custom titles -2k+ Elite donors can now edit their own titles in the Premium Page (Spirit Aura tab) -Fixed an issue where some effects such as 3.96% bind were incorrectly rounding up to a whole number on ability display, which did not reflect the actual effect of the ability in combat -Fixed a bug where some keys on the numpad could trigger traveling (specifically num 1 and num 4) -Inbox messages up to 12 hours old display "X mins/hours ago". Inbox messages older than 12 hours display a date/time stamp. OTHER -Base regen has been increased for: Rank 5: 120 -> 125 Rank 7: 220 -> 225 Rank 8: 275 -> 300 -Fixed a bug where accepting a challenge while the challenger was in battle would not remove the challenge -Seat challenges have been updated to use the same start distance and obstalces as other PvP battles -Fixed a bug where gaining a seat through the officer you were challenging letting the challenge timeout while having no more declines left could cause serious issues including you being assigned to both your current and new seat, and the officer you were claming it from maintaining the ability to use powers of the seat and title in social -Lsmjudoka


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