Update 2.2.3
(This update contains changes to the game's interface files, please clear your cache and reload the site) This update is partly a continuation of 2.2.2, with some things from that update that weren't finished in time, as well as some tweaks to the boss system, spars, and PvP. It also features the new version of the Vday layout, and custom battle icons for Godly aura users. Featured Changes -Added new Vday layout -Added 20x20 custom battle icon setting for Godly Aura users -Stat gains for spars have been increased by 100% for winning, 150% for losing (gain for losing is now half the gain for winning) -New Bonus Spar Rewards have been added: Spars now reward a bonus of triple stat gains for both players and 1 SP/FP for the winner. This bonus can only occur once every 15 minutes. -A "chain-kill cooldown" has been added. If a user is killed twice within 10 minutes by members of their own race, they will be protected from same-race attack for 30 minutes. -Decreased cost of re-rolling sword boosts by 5 for all sword ranks above Lesser. PvP/Travel/boss stuff -Fixed a bug where you could travel to Kyoto City before the post-death travel cooldown had finished. -Losing a fight against a boss now provides 250 yen/souls. (Note: Amount is purposely kept small for now. In the future may be increased) -Changed one move each on Arrancar Lord Isenbarra and Gate Defender Rashomon to moving-type. -Fixed a bug where you could receive bonus regen from regen square without standing on it or view/attack someone from a large distance away (having to do with x.1 vs x.10 or 10.x vs 1.x locations). -Added a fix to try and stop the issue where boss rewards are not distributed after a boss is defeated. -Increased cooldown before a base can be attacked again to 4 hours. -Boss boost catchup mechanics have been added: If a race is more than 25% behind the other in number of bosses taken, they will receive 30 min longer boss boosts(2.5 hour). If a race is more than 50% behind the other in number of bosses taken, they will get a bonus 20% and 60 min extra length on boss boosts (3 hour) Interface/Misc Stuff -Custom sword boost change system has been changed. The cost is now based on the number of boosts you're changing: 30 for the first, 15 ea for 2nd/3rd (60 shards for all 3). NOTE: The new system does NOT preserve your boost rolls. -Added "Characters remaining:" counter to journal editing in Settings page. -Fixed a bug where updating race orders caused them to appear misformatted in the edit box. -Fixed a bug where auras could be upgraded for free when they had less than 24 hours time remaining. -Rules/Manual/TOS/Support pages now display your selected layout when you're logged in. -Fixed a bug where Zanpakuto/Resurreccion moves would not show up on the menu after releasing in Survival Battles


Moderator Applications - CLOSED!
Moderator Applications will close on the 26th of May 2015 EST. You can find your time zone, and the time at which the applications close, at the link below. Moderator applications are now open for anybody who wishes to try for a position. To apply fill out the form below and PM IT TO HITORI ON THE FORUMS. Submitting the form anywhere else will result it being disqualified from this round of applications. Fields mark optional do not have to be filled; any other field must be answered. (Yes, you will have to create a forum account if you wish to apply.) In-game username: Forum username: Where do you live (optional): How old are you: What time zone are you in: What times are you available (please indicate used time zone): How long have you been playing WoB: How would you describe your personality: Why do you want to be a moderator: In your own words, what is a moderator's job: Any other information you would like to include (optional): You may be contacted for further information in the future. There will be multiple phases conducted before any person is hired as a moderator. All information obtained is strictly confidential and will only be reviewed by supervising staff. Applications will remain open until an appropriate amount of have been received; there will be at least 24-hours notice before applications are closed. -Hitori


UPDATE 2.2.2
The theme of this update is bug fixes and tweaks to small things to make them work the way they should, although there's a couple new things as well like the World Boss page in Central HQ and the new random sword re-roll options. Here's the full notes: Bug Fixes -Fixed a bug where you could lose more OP then missed minutes in a patrol. -Fixed a bug where you could lose SP/RP for missing minutes at the end of a patrol. -Fixed a bug where stealth items could make you invisible even when standing on the same square as someone else. -Fixed a bug where you could attack other players while being unable to be attacked due to dying within the last minute. -Fixed a bug where battles would sometimes count both players as having fled. -Fixed some swords that were melee type but had spirit energy regen effect to stamina regen effect. -Fixed a bug where the last row of an Area Residual move would do lower than normal damage. -Fixed an issue where users inactive past 90 days were still showing up on squad member counts in Race HQ for Shinigami Combat/Boss Stuff -Increased defense of World Bosses(Legendary Vaizard) by 20%. -Added a 3 second cooldown to attacking the boss after a battle (Note: This is the same cooldown as other players being able to attack you. Cooldown on traveling after a battle is 5 seconds) -Cooldown on entering survival battles after a previous battle has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds. -Added a new "World Boss" tab in Central HQ showing winners of last 5 world boss battles and top 3 damage dealers in the last battle. -Flee system has been adjusted: The chance increase for each square of distance between you and your opponent has been slightly increased. It is now harder to flee if your opponent has significantly more speed than you do. Other Stuff -Added the option to reroll a Zanpakuto/Resurreccion of random rank for 15 shards. -Changed style of the "Delete Marked" link in Messages page to button style. -Effect of the "squad/fraccion boost increase" race boost has been raised from 25% / 50% to 40% / 80% (lesser / greater) -Race boost duration has been increased from 2 days to 10 days. -Cost of race boosts has been increased by 50%. -New users ranking up to rank 3 are now somewhat more likely to be placed into one of the squads/fraccions with fewer than average active members. -Support request update notification PMs now have a link to the support request. -Upgraded the auto social posting system to be more robust, solving an issue where some posts would appear to be invisible.