World of Bleach is a browser-based RPG inspired by Bleach. You start as a human, but are soon forced to choose between the two defining races: Shinigami and Hollow. With each rank you progress to, you unlock more features and abilities to participate in the never-ending war for control of Kyoto City, including powerful Zanpakuto and Resurreccions.

WoB features a unique grid-based combat system, Captain/Espada seats that allow you to lead an entire squad of players, and eventually the ability to challenge for the positions Commander-Captain of the Shinigami, or King of Hueco Mundo: The supreme leaders of their entire race.
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Update 2.4.2
Update 2.4.2 is a smaller update focused on some bug fixes and balance changes for the new battle system. There are a couple notable things in this patch including some rather game-changing bug fixes. The Big Changes -Pull now has a secondary bind effect. When you pull a target to yourself, any extra unused squares of pull effect will be converted into a one turn bind. (E.g. If you use a 5 square pull move to pull them 3 squares to right in front of you, they will be bound 2 squares for 1 turn) -Barriers are no longer affected by range boost, width boost, range nerf, or width nerf. This includes the range boost from Reiryoku skill, as well as moves and sword boosts. Note: Users with barriers on their swords may request range/width increase on their barriers at no charge. The max range for barriers is 2.7 for normal melee moves, 4.7 for ultimate melee moves, 4.7 for normal spirit moves, and 6.7/5.9 for ultimate spirit moves. -Flee has been changed to a first-stage only action. This means you can no longer move and then flee in the same turn. -Fixed a couple issues causing melee/spirit/dual/area resist items to not take effect on the opponent's turn. -Fixed a bug where the secondary effects from some area residual abilities were applying to the AoE user rather than the target. -Melee and Spirit penetration now roll to 1.3x -> 1.2x normal boost amount (13% / 66% for legendary swords) Some other bug fixes/tweaks -Landing the killing blow on a boss now gives you a last-hit bonus of (rank * 20,000) money and fully restores your health, stamina, and spirit energy. -Rank 2 (lv6-15) players are now able to fight in the Arena/Desert while Invasions are active. -The cost of the boosts in the Mystical Shop have been changed to scale with rank. They're cheaper at all ranks up to rank 6, then rank 7 and 8 are slightly more expensive. -Squad member lists are now divided into Active and Inactive categories. Inactive for the purposes of squad lists only is users who have not logged in within the last 15 days. -Fixed a bug where the turn timer was not showing up during the movement stage of your turn in combat. -Lsmjudoka


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