In honor of WoB's 5th Anniversary, I'd like to thank everyone who currently plays this game. The new people who just started, the old guard who's been here for years, and everyone in between. These update notes aren't as complete as other updates, I changed a lot of stuff and don't have specific notes on the details of all of it. But as WoB crosses half a decade of existence, and rolls towards next year where when it hits 6 years old, it will have taken up a quarter of my life. My major goals with this update were to make the game better. Not just adding new things, but making it overall better. For starters, the most obvious change you'll see is the new interface/UI. It takes a strong step in the right direction towards bringing WoB's outdated interface up to date. I'm still going to be polishing this up, I just got the designs for it less than two weeks ago from Haruchi who's been helping me with it, but it's looking pretty good already. I also made some changes to money gains/costs to bring the ranks closer together. There's some complicated reasons that I won't explain right now, maybe in a dev blog post. Here's the rest of the patch notes, I hope you guys enjoy this update: Race Stuff -Damage randomness has been slightly decreased. -Greater squad/fraccion boost cost has been lowered from 750 -> 625. -Greater race boost cost has been lowered from 3000 -> 2500. -New Defender Bosses have been added. They spawn in Soul Society/Hueco Mundo when the respective area is invaded, and give race points + a smaller boss boost if defeated. -Players standing on the same square as their race's defender boss receive a 25% defense boost. (applies on top of the 10% defense boost during invasion, for 35% total bonus defense) -Fixed a bug where the 10% bonus defense while being invaded was not applying on every turn. -Missing a scan on your patrol no longer deducts Squad/Race points Battle Stuff -Boss fights now give individual rewards of money+squad/fraccion points to each person who participated, based on the % of damage dealt. -Added a 5th base equipped move slot. -Area residual effects now have slightly more resistance to being cleared off the battlefield. -Time limit on first turn of a battle has been increased by 15 seconds. Time limit on all other turns has been reduced by 5 seconds. (55 seconds on first turn, 35 seconds on all other turns) -Fixed a bug where "Brace for attack" was not activating for rank 8 users. -Bosses now have -1 range on all attacks when facing opponents below rank 5. -You can no longer be attacked by players of your own race more than once every 5 minutes: NOTE: You can still attack people of your own race every 3 minutes, just not the same person. -Boss fights now give individual rewards of money+squad/fraccion points to each person who participated, based on the % of damage dealt. -Rank 8 hard AI's health has been lowered. Player/Training/Premium Stuff -Rolling new Zan/Ress has been changed. You can now choose which sword you want instead of rolling random swords from a pair of ranks. Costs have been moderately increased accordingly. -AP -> BTP swap cost has been reduced by half. -Tutorial for rank 2 has been added. -Training system has been revamped so that gains and training time are calculated when a training is set, rather than when it finishes. This means trainings set under boss boost, weekend boost, and holiday boost will receive the boosted gains even if they finish after the boost has expired. -Auras have been changed. There are now three aura levels: Weak, Strong, and Godly. The perks of each level has been altered to fit the new cost. See Premium page for more details. -Name changes now cost a static 10 shards. -Elite donors (1000+ shards purchased) now receive 10% bonus shards on all purchases. -Marriage money gains from patrol/feeds or desert/arena now split 90%/20% instead of 100%/5%. -Patrol/Feed stat gains have been increased. -Training gains have been slightly increased. -Users that have not logged in in over 90 days no longer appear on member lists such as top 10 exp/pvp, central HQ/race HQ/squad HQ, etc. -Member search will now search for partial name matches if no exact name match can be found (e.g. "Kuchiki" will return a list of users "KuchikiByakuya", "KuchikiRukia", etc) -Increased exp gains from training or using moves by 25%. -AI and Patrol/Feed money gain boost has been changed from 1.5x / 2x to 20% / 40%. Also a bug that was applying 2-3x the level of boost intended has been fixed. -Fixed a bug where downgrading or losing an aura entirely did not unequip the extra items. Other Stuff -On the new Travel page: Boss display/Search area list automatically refresh. -Added additional measures to prevent browsers from not updating the CAPTCHA image. -Fixed an issue where some browsers would load pages twice, causing things like traveling two squares. -Added link parsing so links are now clickable. -Player barracks square is now identified by a yellow background color. -Lsmjudoka


Moderator Applications -- CLOSED Moderator Applications will close on the 26th of January 2015 EST. You can find your time zone, and the time at which the applications follows at the link below. [url]http://tinyurl.com/knqco4p[/url] Moderator applications are now open for anybody who wishes to try for a position. To apply fill out the form below and PM IT TO HITORI ON THE FORUMS. Submitting the form anywhere else will result it being disqualified from this round of applications. Fields mark optional do not have to be filled; any other field must be answered. (Yes, you will have to create a forum account if you wish to apply.) In-game username: Forum username: Where do you live (optional): How old are you: What time zone are you in: What times are you available (please indicate used time zone): How long have you been playing WoB: How would you describe your personality: Why do you want to be a moderator: In your own words, what is a moderator's job: Any other information you would like to include (optional): You may be contacted for further information in the future. There will be multiple phases conducted before any person is hired as a moderator. All information obtained is strictly confidential and will only be reviewed by supervising staff. Applications will remain open until an appropriate amount of have been received; there will be at least 24-hours notice before applications are closed. -Hitori


For various reasons I no longer have control of the original World of Bleach Facebook page, so I am in the process of getting a new one set up. I am currently looking for a profile picture and cover photo, and have decided to host an open contest for these. Specifications: -Profile picture must be 180x180, and must also look good when resized to 40x40. -Cover picture must be 851x315 -Neither image can include copyrighted Bleach characters, art of OC(Original Character) Shinigami/Hollow is fine Rewards: 25 shards for best profile picture 50 shards for best cover picture Submit: Private message Lsmjudoka in-game with Imgur links to your submissions when they are complete. Notes: You can submit entries for one, the other, or both. If you submit a matching set that works well together, it may be picked even if one of the pictures is not the best in its category, providing the two together look better than any other combination. Final judging will be entirely up to what I personally think will look best on the WoB FB page, possibly with opinions gathered from players/graphic designers. Noteable entries that are not selected but are of good quality may be selected as art for other page photos and rewarded 10 shards per piece. Deadline: 3:00 pm (15:00) server time, Monday 01/19/15. -Lsmjudoka


A short survey has been set up - If you have a few minutes, please take the time to go fill it out, participation is completely optional but we'd love to get your feedback. This survey is about WoB in general - A separate survey will be up soon about the tournament. Thanks! (Survey responses are full) Thanks for your input~ EDIT: I've written a blog post about the boss system and catchup mechanics for anyone who's curious, concerned, or upset. You can read it here: [url]http://lsmjudoka.blogspot.com/2014/12/a-tale-...[/url] (http://tinyurl.com/nttnsoa) Tournament survey: CLOSED. Thank you for your input. -Lsmjudoka


In the wake of the fighting between Shinigami and Hollow over Santa Claus, parts of Kyoto were left torn up. An eerie feeling drifts through the city as an unsettling presence can be felt. Something powerful is afoot in the city in the aftermath of the recent events... ALERT: A Legendary Vaizard has appeared in Kyoto City! He is extremely dangerous and a huge threat, but possesses great energy which might be useful to whichever race can extract the most of it! NEW SYSTEM: Daily Boss Fight A boss will spawn in Kyoto every 12-18 hours. PvP is disabled on the boss's location, all players can attack it at the same time. Whichever race deals more damage to it will receive a 50% boost (similar to weekend boost, but stacking additively on top of it) for 2 hours. Additionally each race will receive Race Points according to the % of damage they did to the boss. -Lsmjudoka


December Desolation Placements! Rank 4 Grand Champion: Grey_Hogyoku Hollow Champion: GrootsPlanter Shinigami Champion: Alone Rank 5 Grand Champion: Hashirama Hollow Champion: Nyx Co-Shinigami Champions: Lyonin & sub-zero Rank 6 Grand Champion: Rangiku Co-Hollow Champions: Joker & chen973 Shinigami Champion: Mitsu Rank 7 Co-Grand Champions: Mikaru & Akirakenpachi Hollow Champion: mskod1 Shinigami Champion: Koyomi Rank 8 Co-Grand Champion: Dormammu & Samuel Hollow Champion: Jin Shinigami Champion: Cloud Prizes to be distributed.