World of Bleach is a browser-based RPG inspired by Bleach. You start as a human, but are soon forced to choose between the two defining races: Shinigami and Hollow. With each rank you progress to, you unlock more features and abilities to participate in the never-ending war for control of Kyoto City, including powerful Zanpakuto and Resurreccions.

WoB features a unique grid-based combat system, Captain/Espada seats that allow you to lead an entire squad of players, and eventually the ability to challenge for the positions Commander-Captain of the Shinigami, or King of Hueco Mundo: The supreme leaders of their entire race.
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This update includes changes to the interface files, please clear your browser's cache (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL -> select "Cached images and files" -> Clear) Kyoto Underground Arena The Kyoto Underground Arena has been added. This fighting pit spawns in a random place in Kyoto for 5 minutes each hour, and allows players to fight special AI on the grid system with drastically increased rewards over normal arena/desert battles. Boss System -Race Bosses have been added. These spawn in each race's home area at a random time 12-14 hours after their last defeat, and reward a 20% training boost for the race, and Squad/Fraccion point individual rewards. (NOTE: They will not spawn within 2 hours of the World Boss being defeated or 2 hours before the World Boss starts trying to spawn) -World boss now spawns every 18-20 hours, instead of 12-14. -Boss redundancy system has been added. If the boss rewards fail to credit immediately, the system will check and credit them within 5 minutes. -Fixed a bug where the Area Resist of bosses was not applying to the actual damage dealt, only the damage displayed. -Catchup mechanics have been adjusted. There are now three tiers: Tier 1 (25% fewer bosses) +30 minute duration to boss boosts Tier 2 (40% fewer bosses) +10% boss boost amount Tier 3 (70% fewer bosses) +30 minute boss boost duration (+60 total) +10% boss boost amount (+20% total) Battle System Changes -Battle logs for moderators have been added. Every battle is now automatically logged by the system, if someone battle holds you in a battle, you can click the report button at the bottom of the battle to report, a log of the battle will be sent to the staff. -PvP/boss battles now automatically refresh when your opponent has made a move. -Berserk sword effect base amounts have been reduced to 83% of their current amounts. This change is due to current amounts being outdated from before the berserk effect itself applied an increased offense boost. Berserk now works by applying 120% of its effect as offense boost and 20% of its effect as weakness. -Flee has been adjusted so that a large difference in speed(2x or more) will have a larger impact on flee chances. -Failed flee attempts in battle now cost 10% of the user's max SP and SE. (You can still attempt to flee with 0 SP/SE) -The resistance of fire, poison, and lightning Area Residual moves has been decreased. -Fixed a bug where battle spectate would display the last action a player did instead of "Stood and did nothing" when they AFK for a turn. -Fixed a bug where residual-type effects (residual, CR, leech, etc) were lasting half a turn less than they should. -Fixed a bug where attempting to seal a Zan/Res while not having enough pools to keep it active would give an "Invalid action!" message. Spar/PvP/Scouting Changes -Anti-CK restrictions have been updated: Two deaths to members of the same race within 20 minutes now trigger a 45 minute cooldown timer. -Bonus Spar Rewards now only give 1 SP/FP to the winner if the spar is between people of different squads/fraccions. -Search area list on travel page no longer shows up if you are in battle or inactive > 2 minutes. Squad/Fraccion Stuff -Fixed a bug where 2nd/3rd seats could send squad alerts or set boosts when there was an active captain/espada. -All seats can now intentionally send squad alerts. -Seat items now refund 75% of their cost when you claim a seat above you or win a challenge to claim a seat above you. -OP cost per day for all seats has been increased by 1. Misc -"Send Money" page on profile has been changed to "Send Money/Shards" and is now accessible from rank 4+. -Fixed a bug where you could not cancel a patrol with exactly 10 AP. -View battle(s) pages now use your selected layout. -New items/evolutions for Rank 8 have been added, and are in Armory/Evolutions page. -Fixed a bug where changing layouts would put the page on a refresh loop until you went to another page. -Lsmjudoka


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