World of Bleach is a browser-based RPG inspired by Bleach. You start as a human, but are soon forced to choose between the two defining races: Shinigami and Hollow. With each rank you progress to, you unlock more features and abilities to participate in the never-ending war for control of Kyoto City, including powerful Zanpakuto and Resurreccions.

WoB features a unique grid-based combat system, Captain/Espada seats that allow you to lead an entire squad of players, and eventually the ability to challenge for the positions Commander-Captain of the Shinigami, or King of Hueco Mundo: The supreme leaders of their entire race.
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World of Bleach 2016 Championship

It's getting close to that time of year again, when brave souls prepare to face each other in single combat! The World of Bleach Championship is a tournament where players fight each other in scheduled 1v1 matches. Dates The tournament will start on Friday, July 1. Registration will open on June 16th, and it will close at 11:59 PM (23:59) server time on Sunday, June 26th. Format The tournament will be mixed, meaning there will not be separate Shinigami and Hollow tournaments, all players will compete in the same tournament. There will be a separate division for each rank, from rank 3 to rank 8. The tournament will consist of two phases: Group Stage, and Bracket stage. Group stage will be a partial round-robin. Each match will consist of a single round, and every competitor will have a minimum of 5 matches. Where possible each match will be against a different opponent - If scheduling does not allow, multiple matches against the same opponent may be scheduled, but we will try to avoid this wherever possible. The top ~50% (exact numbers dependent on number of people in each division) of players from each division based on win/loss record in group stage matches will advance to the bracket stage. In the bracket stage, all matches are elimination, and will be in "Best of 3" format (first player to win two rounds wins the match). Finals matches will be Best of 5 (first person to win 3 rounds wins the matcH). Prizes There are separate divisions for each rank, and the winner of each division receives a prize of 25 spirit shards along with a unique item more powerful than you can purchase in the shop at your rank. 2nd and 3rd place finishers receive a prize of shards(25 and 10, respectively). In addition, all participants will receive Godly Aura, both as a reward for participating, and to help even things for those who don't usually have it, so they don't have fewer item/ability equip slots to work with. 1 week of Godly Aura will be given to all those who have registered, on June 30th. Those who have completed at least 3 group stage matches will receive a second week of aura on July 6th, and those who advance to bracket stage will receive an additional two weeks of GA at the beginning of bracket stage. Those who already have weak/strong aura will receive an aura upgrade of one level in addition to a time extension per above times. Tournament Boost A 100% boost (including abilities) will be activated from Friday, June 24th, to Thursday, June 30th, to help you get those last few stats trained up and last couple abilities capped. Additionally, for those who advance to the bracket stage, another boost will be active from the conclusion of group stages to the beginning of bracket stage. I'll make another post with full tournament rules and a couple other details when things get closer to it. If you have any questions about the tournament, feel free to send them to LsmsCorner for this week's Q&A. Good luck, and train hard! -Lsmjudoka



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