World of Bleach is a browser-based RPG inspired by Bleach. You start as a human, but are soon forced to choose between the two defining races: Shinigami and Hollow. With each rank you progress to, you unlock more features and abilities to participate in the never-ending war for control of Kyoto City, including powerful Zanpakuto and Resurreccions.
WoB features:
  • A unique 2D grid turn-based combat system
  • Social features that allow you to chat with your friends in real-time while you play, even on mobile devices!
  • Dozens of different unique abilities and items to craft your own strategy
  • The ability to create your own fully customized Zanpakuto/Resurreccion
  • Captain/Espada seats that allow you to lead an entire squad of players
  • At the highest rank: The ability to challenge for the position of race leader: Captain-Commander of the Shinigami or King of Hueco Mundo
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This update's pretty straightforward. Lots of balance changes to settle out some of the dominant strategies that are crowding out the other options. But while adding some new things for the battle system like dissipate and residual resist, I discovered some actually pretty serious bugs. So those are fixed here too. (Aug 13 update) Dissipate and Residual Resist items are now out in the shop! BUG FIXES -Fixed an issue where the x.5 or x.7 lines of an attack would have full strength even if the inner lines that they grew from had to break through an AoE/barrier -Each tick of residual damage-type abilities (residual, compound residual, hp leech) now use the attacker's penetration value at the time they used the attack, not at the time of the tick. This means using a residual damage ability and then activating a penetration ability or releasing with a penetration core boost will no longer increase the damage of the residual -Fixed a bug where debuff resist was reducing residual damage (but not compound residual or HP leech) -Fixed a bug causing the dual weakness core boost to not apply. Those who have changed from Dual Weakness to another core boost through the custom change system have been credited 6 custom change tokens. -Dissipate and Residual Resist item effects have been added. Items with this effects are currently being created and will be available for purchase in the shop in a few days. -Fixed a bug where traveling after going inactive would not cause the search area list to start loading again -Fixed a bug where being attacked or attacking while attacking a base in Kyoto in some situations did not cancel the base attack BATTLE MECHANICS -Defensive specializations now receive 1.1x effect from melee/spirit/dual resist of all types (item, ability, core boost, etc) -Sealing a Zanpakuto/Resurreccion now applies a "fatigue" debuff which doubles the cost of movement and cuts movement limit in half for 2 turns (this is not applied when a zanpakuto is force sealed due to being out of pools as it's somewhat redundant at that point) -Hitting an opponent with a damaging(non-AoE) melee attack now applies 10% spirit weakness for 2 turns. -Hitting an opponent with a damaging(non-AoE) spirit attack now applies 10% melee weakness for 2 turns. BALANCE CHANGES Core Boost Changes (Note: All sword core boosts have been updated to meet the below standards) -Melee/Spirit penetration roll amount has been decreased from 1.0x -> 0.9x -Dual Penetration roll amount has been decreased from 0.9x -> 0.8x -Melee/Spirit Weakness roll amount has been increased from 0.7x -> 0.8x -Dual Weakness roll amount has been increased from 0.6x -> 0.7x -Melee/Spirit nerf roll amount has been increased from 0.8x -> 0.9x (NOTE: All of the below changes have been retroactively applied to abilities on all swords) Area Residual Changes (NOTE: AoEs with the minimum effect amount are unaffected by power cost per %) -Decreased max length of all ultimate AoEs to 4 turns -Decreaed max effect amount of Ultimate Ice AoE from 4.0 -> 3.0 -Increased max effect amount of AoE Poison from 40% -> 50% -Increased effect amount of shop AoE poison abilities (varies per ability) -Decreased power cost per % of AoE Poison on swords from 0.18 -> 0.15 -Increased power cost per % of AoE lightning on swords from 0.2 -> 0.25 -Increased required cooldown on sword/shop barriers from 8 turns -> 9 turns Other Ability Changes -Increased power cost per % of Heal Reduction from 0.2 -> 0.22 -Power of shop heal reduction abilities has been reduced by 2 -Reduced power cost per % of Sword Move Seal on swords from 0.055 -> 0.05 -Reduced power cost per % of Melee/Spirit Nerf on swords from 0.18 -> 0.14 -Reduced power cost per % of Damage Reflect Seal on swords from 0.14 -> 0.12 -Shop Melee/Spirit Nerf abilities have had their effect amount increased (amount varies per ability) -Fixed an issue where melee penetration sword abilities were not having the proper CD enforced -Residual/Compound Residual abilities now have a minimum length of 2 turns -Area Residual abilities on shop swords with less than 3 turns length have been increased to 3 turns -Lsmjudoka


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