World of Bleach is a browser-based RPG inspired by Bleach. You start as a human, but are soon forced to choose between the two defining races: Shinigami and Hollow. With each rank you progress to, you unlock more features and abilities to participate in the never-ending war for control of Kyoto City, including powerful Zanpakuto and Resurreccions.
WoB features:
  • A unique 2D grid turn-based combat system
  • Social features that allow you to chat with your friends in real-time while you play, even on mobile devices!
  • Dozens of different unique abilities and items to craft your own strategy
  • The ability to create your own fully customized Zanpakuto/Resurreccion
  • Captain/Espada seats that allow you to lead an entire squad of players
  • At the highest rank: The ability to challenge for the position of race leader: Captain-Commander of the Shinigami or King of Hueco Mundo
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09/22-09/23 HOTFIXES A number of issues were fixed including -Emails being deleted -KUA not spawning -Issues with messaging friends/adding them multiple times -Redundancy for the rare double battle bug - If a double battle occurs, whichever fight the player involved in both is not actively in will be stopped (NOTE: This update contains interface file changes. Please clear your cache [Usually CTRL+SHIFT+DEL > "Cached Images and Files"/"Cache" > Clear] to resolve any interface issues you might experience (NOTE: The multiple character system is handled through your pre-existing account. Do NOT make a second account, login and you will be given the option to create a second character). Multi-Character System It's finally here! With this update, you will be able to make a second character from the new Character Select screen that you see upon login. There are a couple restrictions of note: -You cannot have both Shinigami and Hollow characters. If you already have a Shinigami character, you will need to delete it before -You can't fight or marry your other characters. -After switching characters, there is a short period (~30 seconds) where you cannot travel, attack race bases, or attack other users. (This is to prevent people from switching accounts to "snipe" someone after they lose a fight to that person. I'm a fan of using teamwork in situations like that and calling friends to come avenge you after you die, but not being able to do it all by yourself) -You cannot switch characters while one of them is in battle. (See above. Note: If somehow two of your characters end up in battle, say one is attacked while you're in a fight on the other one, you will be able to switch to either of them) -You cannot hold Squad/Fraccion office with more than one character. (Given the limited number of these seats and also the potential abuses that could happen with someone using a character below their main to block challenges, it's more fair to only allow each user to have one office) Some other details: -Spirit Shards, donor perks, and most of your user settings are tied to your account and shared between characters (Battle Spectate is a notable exception, you can turn this on/off individually for each character) -Your Friends are tied to your account now and shared between all characters. Additionally, the Friends page now shows which characters your friends are currently on, if any. -Only your friends and the staff can see the connection between your account and character. Additionally, neither your friends nor the moderators do not have a list of all characters attached to your account. Friends can only see what character you're currently on, and Moderators can only see what account a single character belongs to. OTHER CHANGES Strong/Godly Aura All item/ability equip slots previously on strong/godly aura have been converted to free slots for every user rank 5 and higher. This means that having an aura no longer gives you more ability/item slots in battle compared to someone who doesn't, instead everyone all has 6 item slots/9 ability slots. Strong aura has inherited much of the benefits of the previous Godly Aura, including: -175x175 Avatar -2000 character journal -Custom battle icon -+2 AP gain -10% timed training boost -Enhanced Extended trainings: 4 hours, 50% more stat gains Godly Aura has received increases to these benefits, such as: Even longer journals (2500 characters) No logout timer Increased friend limit (+30, up from +15) 20% boost to timed training Enhanced Extended trainings: 4 hours, 75% more stat gains Godly Aura also applies to all of your characters, while Weak/Strong aura only apply to single characters. Training Gains/Training in Barracks It takes a long time to reach the higher levels of R8. And while that's in many ways a good thing, allowing it to be a more meaningful achievement, right now it's taking a bit too long. So I increased training gains, moreso at higher ranks. The increase is 7%-34% depending on rank (34% at rank 8). This should allow Rank 8 to feel like you're making more progress on the massive amount of stats you have to gain, especially when combined with the training bonuses of the new Godly Aura. Additionally, I've removed the restriction on not being able to set training while in barracks. This is with a couple things in mind: When you switch characters, there's a time delay on being able to move, so you wouldn't be able to set a training. And soon a cross-character notification system when trainings are complete will be added, so if you wanted to pop over to one of your characters just to set a training, you'd be forced to do nothing for 30 seconds. Instead, I'm just allowing the training to be set instantly so the burden of keeping up with multiple characters is less. Also, soonTM training in Kyoto City will become available, with increased gains, so in terms of generating PvP, this shouldn't have too much of a detrimental effect at that point. Custom Swords Custom swords now only cost 150 shards (Reduced from 200). If you already have a custom sword, purchasing a custom on one of your other characters will only cost 100 shards. The number of free custom change tokens included with a custom has been reduced from 15 -> 5. This change should make the initial hurdle of obtaining a custom easier, and then allow people to gradually earn shards or custom tokens over time to make changes as necessary. Code Improvements A massive amount of WoB's code has been restructured in this update, both to make the update possible and speed up the development of future updates as well as making it easier for other coders I am in the process of training to work on WoB. COMING SOON A couple things that didn't make it into release but will be added over the next couple updates: -Additional character slots (these will be unlockable with spirit shards) -Cross-character training notifications: Basically when you're on a character, and the training of one of your other characters finishes, you'll receive a notification so that you can hop over to them and set another training, then get back to what you were doing on the first character. This may or may not be tied to Godly Aura, I haven't decided yet. -Lsmjudoka


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