World of Bleach is a browser-based RPG inspired by Bleach. You start as a human, but are soon forced to choose between the two defining races: Shinigami and Hollow. With each rank you progress to, you unlock more features and abilities to participate in the never-ending war for control of Kyoto City, including powerful Zanpakuto and Resurreccions.
WoB features:
  • A unique 2D grid turn-based combat system
  • Social features that allow you to chat with your friends in real-time while you play, even on mobile devices!
  • Dozens of different unique abilities and items to craft your own strategy
  • The ability to create your own fully customized Zanpakuto/Resurreccion
  • Captain/Espada seats that allow you to lead an entire squad of players
  • At the highest rank: The ability to challenge for the position of race leader: Captain-Commander of the Shinigami or King of Hueco Mundo
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NOTE: This update includes interface changes. Please clear your cache to resolve any interface-related issues you may experience. To clear your cache see the following instructions: On PC: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL to open the dialog, select options relating to "Cache"/"Cached images and files", then clear it. On Android: Menu > History > Clear Browsing Data > Select "Cached images and files" > Clear Data On iOS: Home > Settings > Safari > Clear Cache or Home > Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove all Website Data Kyoto Activities -The new Shinigami vs Hollow PvP/PvE activity is not finished yet and will be added in the next update -Training, patrols/feeds, and Desert/Arena fights (Kyoto City Fights) can now be done in Kyoto City -Training will give 25% extra gains (this applies to both ability training and stat training) if the training is done in Kyoto City from start to finish (if you leave Kyoto City at any point, or remain in an AI fight/spar for longer than 90 seconds, you will not receive bonus gains) -Patrols/feeds give 30% extra gains when done in Kyoto City -Kyoto City Fights give 40% extra gains compared to Desert/Arena -The cooldown on Kyoto City Fights starts at the end of the fight instead of the beginning - this is to prevent you from being able to be instantly attacked by a player after your fight Enhanced Quick Sets -The Enhanced Quick Sets package can now be purchased in the Premium page, under Character Changes. It costs 25 shards, and permanently unlocks 2 extra quick set slots, as well as the ability to name all of your quick set slots, for your current character. Battle -All players now receive 25% debuff resist at the start of the fight for 1(rank 1-4) / 2(rank 5+) turns -The initial(2-3 turn) dual resist for player(s) on team 2 has been increased from 25% -> 30% -Dual boost item now only applies 0.5x effect for melee/spirit spec users -Debuff resist no longer reduces the Heal Reduction generated from you or an ally using a heal -Cleanse now prioritize debuff effects and will attempt to remove debuff effects until it has reached the limit of effects to cleanse, or there are no more debuff effects to cleanse. If it has more effects to cleanse and all debuffs have been removed, it will then cleanse damage-type effects (residual, compound residual, leech, etc) -Barrier now has slightly less initial defensive strength (2.25x -> 2.2x) -Barrier's defensive strength is now increased by 15% of all melee/spirit resist (depending on barrier type) above 50%. This means if the barrier user has 80% resist, the increase to barrier strength would be 4.5%. -MPvP cross-race fights now have double the chance to drop custom change tokens compared to 1v1 fights -Fixed a bug where having a teammate who was knocked out and not on the edge of the map could prevent you from fleeing -Fixed a bug where debuff resist was lowering the effect of your own self-effect abilities (in particular, seat items were causing movement boost to have less effect than it should have) -Fixed a bug where shield would apply to the first person on the team, regardless of who had the lowest health -Fixed a bug where shield could apply to a dead teammate -Fixed a bug where only half a turn of effects was processed when someone failed to flee -Fixed a bug where the AFK weakness was only applying for one turn, not two -Fixed a bug where pressing enter without selecting anything on the turn after you released Bankai/Segunda Etapa could cause your turn to be used up with no action taken -[MOBILE] Fixed a bug where the Flee action could be selected on the second stage of your turn, despite failing when you tried Stealth Force/Exequias -The Stealth perk has been increased from 1/2/3 to 2/3/4 -A new perk has been added: Anti-Heal Touch. This adds the listed amount(3/4/5% based on tier) as Heal Reduction to all your attacks in combat. Teams -Team members can no longer attack each other -Team movement is now deactivated if go into any type of battle without your team leader -Team movement is now deactivated if you log in/out of any character -Team movement cannot be activated while the character switch delay is active Squad HQ -All player names on the member/top earners/top fighters lists in Squad HQ now link to the player's profiles -Fraccion Alerts now have a character counter to show how many more characters may be typed -Lsmjudoka


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